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I reached back like a pimp and I slapped the ho

If anyone wants to see a really awesome movie, then go see sin city. It's one of my all time favorites now.

I think we're hot.


What a fucking stud. :-)

Hana and Bum!

Pretty Hana and Pretty me!

Bitches and Hos.

Would you do us? I know I would.

Surprise, surprise!

Hana and Martha. P.S- Happy birthday to YOU!!!!

Partying like rock stars.
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You niggs sure do like not wearing shirts.
Hahaha I know. That's because we're hot.

PS. I want in on that photo-op. I just went shopping at Fredericks!!!..and it's been a long time since I've seen your face..and gotten krunk with it. lol. Hit me back.
totally hit me up sometime or something 656-8717,it has been a long time since we've gotten krunk together!!!
me yay!
yay to that!
These pictures are really cute, they remind me of me and my friends. Hannah called me this weekend, but I missed the call :(
Why thank you madame!

Oh yeah, and she did mention something about calling you for weed I think?

p.s.-you should add me back! :-)
I already did add you back, JEESH. and your very welcome.
hahahah yeah, i just realized that. I think Im kind of SLOW!
hey just looking through old lj post saw that you comment almist a year and a half ago just trying to figure out who you are