Oh, Misery! (meetmehalfway) wrote,
Oh, Misery!

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Tonight I was a huge dumbass and left my cell phone at Jordan's. I appologize if you called me and I didn't pick up.

Went to Treetop tonight with Jordan, Callie and Chase. It was silly and fun. We got crunk. (That was my lame attempt to be black or be a nigger or something. Sorry, it won't happen again.)

My little sisters are leaving town tomorrow for the rest of the week and into the weekend. Fuck yes. That means that everything will be much more laid back at my home. And that my mom can go out and do her thing with her friends, cause i know she gets awfully lonley here without anyone to talk too.

I'm eating oatmeal, and surprisingly enough, I actually kind of like it.
I forgot how tasty it is when it has cinnamon in it!

Love and other indoor sports,

p.s.-I would've always been there for you.
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