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because the sky is blue, it makes me cry.....

If I could go back to 4 years ago knowing what I know now, and already knowing what would happen with myself and every single person I knew "back in the day", I would do it. Hands down. However, if I could only live that wonderful time of my life again not knowing what I know now, I don't think I could do it. I don't think I could allow myself to go through all the pain, and suffering, and tears that it took to get me where I am now. I wouldn't change anything, but if I had known what would happen, it would've helped me prepare for any surprise shit bomb that landed on me. I would've had back-up ammo for a very bloody battle that left a part of me dead.

Sorry, around my birthday I become very nostalgic. I promise these pointless entries wont keep happening.
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