Oh, Misery! (meetmehalfway) wrote,
Oh, Misery!

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A prelude

....a gun shot that woke her to a terrible nightmare.....
She hated nights like this, like so many before. It was rainy and dreary and they could see the dim lights from the city bellow them. As she looked into his eyes, she knew it was all over. She used to see forever, and now, only faded memories of days past, and all that could've been. The room was damp from her tears and cold, and neither of the star crossed lovers had said a word in what seemed to be an eternity. This pained her even more than the reality that they hadn't known eachother in very long time. He was at a loss for words. He always was these days.
"I want out" He cried so loud she thought the heavens could surley hear him as well.
"You've been gone a long time" she replied, but the despiration was gone from her voice and all she could do was sigh.
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