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theres nothing there for you to prove.

This entry will be extremly pointless.It wont make any sense, only to the people that these people were involved with

I remember going swimming with leslie and watching alot of sex and the city and getting her to drink something i mixed. I remember meeting rebecca for the first time in gym and we bonded over talking about hot celebrities, particularly josh hartnett. I remember staying up all night with jane and doing shitloads of adderall and cleaning my room and her talking about living in lubbock. I remember taking pictures in the bluebonnets last year with jordan, we have some weird facination with it, and ofcourse feb.18, 2004. I remember how nice Hana always was to me in speech class, even though she didn't even know me. I remember spending the first night of 2004 with michelle and taking the most random of pictures. I remember my sixtenth birthday and how abigail was there and how she was the first person that I drove with alone. I remember seeing Hannah for the first time in the parkinglot at anderson waiting to get picked up. I remember tim's sister taking me to the mall.

These float in my head from time to time.

Too bad these memories are lightyears away, and yet they never cease to fade.
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I remember scampering up to your grandma's front porch and being fascinated by your massive doll house. And something about a glass door...

Not to mention dirty Mexicans in my pool and long walks around my neighborhood and smoking cigarettes in the woods with Wade, so clumsy, I spilled sizzling ash on his feet. And I'm sure you remember exchanging books and leafing through, wearing black the day dear old Kurt died, passing notes in Mrs Leathers's class, sitting on your back porch on a lazy day feeling glued to my seat, smoke swirling, Matthew's eyes bloodshot and hungry.
god, those make me so sad for some reason. Or rather the dollhouse part that is.
We did love Josh Hartnett quite a lot back then...
I know, it's almost distrubing now....
memmories are memmories for a reason, because they are in the past and important for us to remember
i spelled memories wrong....go me